Our School

Committees of the Board of Trustees

Trustees may serve on one or more committees as well as undertake special project work on behalf of GISNY.  Committees and their Chairs include:
  • Executive Committee: Dr. Andreas Guldin (President), Kathrin Finckh-Giacomelli (Chair), Christian Moeller (Treasurer), Dr. Ronald Frank (Secretary), Dr. Marc Schlüter
  • Academic Committee: Kathrin Finckh-Giacomelli (Chair), Renate Kurowski-Cardello (Co-Chair),William Coulter, Dr. Andreas Guldin
  • Building Committee:  Michael Lee Meinert, Matthias Reister, Dr. Marc Schlüter
  • Finance & Audit Committee: Christian Moeller (Chair), Dr. Andreas Guldin, Michael L. Meinert, Sandra Rehder, Matthias Reister
  • Marketing & Retention Committee: William Coulter (Co-Chair), Renate Kurowski-Cardello, Michael Lee Meinert, Sandra Rehder, Dr. Marc Schlüter, Alexander Schmuck
  • Personnel Committee: Renate Kurowski-Cardello (Chair), Dr. Ronald Frank, Dr. Andreas Guldin, Christina Jansen, Alexander Schmuck
  • Swiss Parents Association: 

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