Welcome to the Middle and Upper School English Program at GIS!

The grade 5-12 English Program at GIS combines the best of American middle and high school college preparatory language arts programs and the world's most regarded secondary school English language and literature qualifications.  English at GIS is a critical and strongly valued aspect of our school's mission to bridge cultures, encourage social awareness and develop the critical thinking and language skills demanded of global citizens.  
The English program provides diversified and differentiated expert instruction enabling all GIS students to make significant progress as readers, thinkers and oral and written communicators. We actively support the needs of English language learners as they achieve advanced fluency. The English Honors and AP courses offer highly motivated and skilled English students additional rigor and volume of material to prepare them for the most competitive universities domestically and abroad.   
Please take a look at the English Program information and course descriptions, and address any inquiries about grade 5-12 English at GIS to Leslie Hegarty. 

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