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After School Program (AGs)

The classes in our After School Program -- which we call AGs, short for "Arbeitsgemeinschaft",  or "Working Groups" in English -- are designed to offer quality after school care for your child.  By providing a variety of activities, our program offers enriching, relaxing and fun experiences.
It is our purpose to help all children develop to the best of their abilities and to provide an atmosphere free of pressure and frustration.  
All AGs are directed by teachers and other professionals.
Two Types of AGs
1.  OPEN AGs:  These AGs are open to all students, subject to availability.  Please read "How To Sign Up" on the right and follow these steps closely to help avoid any misunderstandings.   There are two important things to note regarding Open AGs: 
  • SPORTS AGs:  During the first 24 hours of the sign up period, you may only register your child for one Sport AG.  This ensures every child has an opportunity to participate as spaces are limited.  If after the 24-hour period there are still spots available in a given Sport AG, you may then also register your child for that AG.
  • PAID AGs:  Once you have registered for a Paid AG via SignUp Genius, your enrollment is final and you are expected to submit payment by the deadline.  Otherwise, we risk last minute cancellations of the AG due to low enrollment.  Paid AGs are noted on the AG list with a "®" symbol.
2.  SELECTIVE AGs:  These AGs are limited to those students chosen at the discretion of the AG teacher.  Certain AGs, such as Theater and Music for example, require additional commitment and experience.   To enroll in a Selective AG, you must contact the AG teacher directly.  Selective AGs are noted on the AG list with a "©" symbol.
Enrichment Program 

For your convenience, we have included classes from our enrichment program in our AG schedule. We offer enrichment classes in English, German and French.  These classes are highlighted in orange on the AG schedule.

Please note that you will be contacted by your child’s teacher if we recommend that you enroll your child in an enrichment class. For further information, please follow this link to the Enrichment Programs of GISNY website.

Other Important Information
REGISTRATION PERIODS:  In general there will be one registration period for each AG at the beginning of the school year which will determine the enrollment in that AG for the entire school year.  However, some AGs are for a shorter time period (e.g. one semester), so additional sign-ups during the school year will be necessary.  You will be informed about sign up periods in the weekly Newsletter and on this webpage.
SIGNING UP FOR AGs:  We use Sign Up Genius for Open AG registration and strongly recommend that you create a free account BEFORE
registration opens.  This will save you time when the registration pages go live.  Please read "How To Sign Up" on the right and follow these steps closely to help avoid any misunderstandings.
PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES:  We encourage you to read through the AG Guidelines prior to the start of the program.
AG LIMIT:   We also ask that you please limit enrollment to no more than three (3) AGs per child
.  This ensures that all children have an opportunity to participate in the program.  We reserve the right to remove your child from an AG if you sign him/her up for more than three (although we sincerely hope this is not necessary).

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