Newcomers' Club

FROM LEFT: Melanie Felbermair, Tanja Rothfuss, Manuela Reidel and Lori Wolper
Each school year at GIS New York is characterized by many new faces, new students, as well as their parents.
The students usually adapt very quickly to their new environment, partly because of the help and guidance they receive from their classmates, who may also have had the experience of being new and in a foreign place themselves.
The aim of the Newcomers' Club is to support these new families while they are getting accustomed to their life here in New York. Get-togethers, breakfasts and other socializing events are hosted to provide an opportunity to talk, to get to know each other or maybe even become close friends.
In addition to several introductory events, the Newcomers’ Club organizes excursions on a monthly basis, thus offering another opportunity for exchanging information with members of the GIS community. The tours are not only popular among the newcomers, but represent a nice mix of old and new members, all looking forward to experiencing New York from a different perspective and enjoying the company.
We look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you at our upcoming events.
For questions please contact us at:
The Newcomers' Club Team
Melanie, Lori, Manuela, and Tanja

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